Parcel's Backyard Splash

We're making a big splash!

Parcel’s Backyard Splash

We’re making a big splash!

Timing: November 2018 – March 2019

Working in partnership with a range of 14 builders, Parcel has launched an amazing Pool Giveaway – Parcel’s Backyard Splash.

This giveaway offer motivates potential buyers with a free pool* for their new home built in one of four Parcel estates – Beenyup Grove at Byford, Brightwood at Baldivis, Flamewood at Brabham, and Living Edge at Wellard.

It’s a simple process. Buyers simply head to the campaign website, select a participating builder, fill in their details and choose which estates they’re interested to build in.

From there, builders then contact the potential buyer, help them choose an eligible block within one of the four estates and ensure that plans meet the guidelines for installation.

If you’re a Sales Representative from one of the 14 building companies that we’ve partnered with, feel free to get in touch for all the details. We have a full Builder Asset Pack available to help you maximise the opportunity to attract clients to build with you in conjunction with this campaign.

Backyard Splash will be run over five months with mass media exposure throughout the campaign.


*Terms and Conditions apply